Scope of the workshop

HouchesWater is the most common liquid, but at the same time the most intriguing. Many thermodynamic and dynamic properties exhibit anomalous behavior, which become more pronounced in the supercooled regime. Over the last decades, experiments have been performed and models to explain the anomalies have been developed, but definite evidence for the best explanation has remained elusive. However, the recent years have seen major advances. Experimentalists have developed new techniques, investigated scarcely explored regions of the phase diagram, and considered new systems such as confined water and aqueous solutions. On the theoretical side, new models and improved water potentials have appeared. In a broader perspective, the understanding of processes involving metastability and nucleation in water has progressed in various fields, including biology and earth sciences.

This workshop will be an opportunity to gather researchers from various fields – physics, chemistry, engineering, earth science, and biology – and to give a timely overview of the state of the art of research on metastable phases of water.

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